Sunday, October 11, 2009

Beth Ditto is the 8th Wonder of the World

Gossip, Apache Beat & Men @ 9:30 Club DC 10.7.09 

Take One: APACHE BEAT: I'm introduced to a fabulous shirt with wings on the arms 
Take Two: MEN: I'm introduced to Sia's lover? 
Take Three: GOSSIP: I'm introduced to Beth Ditto, the 8th Wonder of the World 

As Beth Ditto, a gay idol of the world, chugged on stage the Washington, DC crowd actually went mentally insane! People were crying, people were falling over, people were screaming, but most of all, people were pushing and dancing like crazy! All I can say, was that this was one of the most fun crowds I've ever experienced in my life. I love you Beth Ditto (and I especially love it when you get hoisted into your floral dress by your guitarist Brace Paine)! 
Stay tuned for when Beth Ditto snapped a pic with my camera

Photo By: Beth Ditto
In the crazy mosh pitting, my camera got catapulted from my hand onto the stage. Once Ditto had finished the song, she then exclaimed "a camera!" Then as I screamed, almost in tears, Ditto calmed me by stating "don't worry, I know it's your camera". She proceeded to snap a pic and hand it back to me. Yes Beth Ditto, I touched your sweat, now my life is complete! 

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Princeton in a "Cocoon of Love" @ 9:30 Club 10.01.09

Fun So Cali band, PRINCETON, opened for Ra Ra Riot at the 9:30 Club DC last week. Let's just say if you don't have their new album Cocoon of Love, you need to buy it. It's the perfect blend of Morning Benders, Ra Ra Riot, The Dodos and a little of Vampire Weekend thrown in there yet with a sound that's totally their own. 
Read the full review of the concert @ BrightestYoungThings

Guest appearance by Ra Ra Riot bassist, Matthieu Santos